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Student. Teacher.

I received my B.S. at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in physics, with an emphasis in biophysics. During my undergraduate studies, I worked under Professor Beatrice Golomb to investigate the effect of statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) through double-blind clinical trials. Currently, I am seeking a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at UCSD, under the guidance of Professor Clifford P. Kubiak of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department (expected graduation 2015). I am also an associate professor of physics at MiraCosta Community College, where I teach algebra-based physics for health science majors. Given my broad academic and research background, the one constant I've found is this: that at the basis of it all, you can apply physics and engineering principles to pretty much everything. Through interactive learning styles, I hope to pass on the ability to "think like a physicist" to my students, so that in whatever path they choose, they may better understand the problems they face, and the solutions that are available to them.